I have a lot of work to do to get my artwork up here still. But here’s a few of my favorites.

Google Doodles

Check the doodles page to see some of my work as a Google Doodler

PaperDemon Art RPG

Art RPG Content

This is artwork created for promotional materials, events, and other game content for the PaperDemon Art RPG.

Portal Pandemonium – Kahari Quest

Cyrus Skyllo Tarot card

Kahari World of Moonstone Portal illustration. Creedance Windrider owned by Fordandra

Martus the Bartender. Created to commemorate PaperDemon’s 21st birthday. PaperDemon is now old enough to drink!

Cyrus discovers his latent element.

Kelptastrophy. Sepheryn Aqrion belongs to Eyemittens.
Lyra Portal
Cyrus prepares for the Elemental Festival
Willow | The Star Tarot Card. For Weekly Prompt 57
Cyrus Skyllo NPC
Aridin Battle Challenge
Decra Drain Quest
Aridin Portal
Aridin, World of Rain Forest Temples
Weapons crafting / 2022
Soggy Sentinel Boss fight / 2022
Raiders of the Solar Winds Quest / 2022 / Silvyr Character belongs to ArkillianDragon
Pavia Portal / 2022
Valentine’s Fay Boss Fight / 2022
Eventide Ring Campaign Chapter 2 / digital art / 2022
Eventide Ring Campaign / digital art / 2021
Castimeria Portal / digital art / 2021
Avangard Boss / Digital Art / 2020
City of Lost Songs Portal / Digital Art / 2020
The Laboratory Portal / Digital art / 2020
Hero banner and concept art / Digital Art / 2020

Item Art


Here’s art created while participating in the PaperDemon Art RPG.

OC_Tober Demon and Jerle / Digital Art / 2020
Jerle Water Elemental / Digital Art / 2020
Jerle’s Talisman / Digital Art / 2020
Jerle and Aras visit Avangard / Digital Art / 2020

Other art

Digital Landscape study 2024

Digital Landscape study 2024

Digital Landscape study 2024

Secret Santa 2021. Characters owned by Zalfaoriana. Created for the PaperDemon Secret Santa Event. Digital art.
a gift for Wilder / watercolor / 2020


I have tons more fanart somewhere but I haven’t had the chance to add it here.

Erend and Aloy / Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West / Watercolor / 2024

Secret Santa art trade / Pokemon / digital art / 2019
Octopath traveler fanart / watercolor / 2019