Art Fight 2023

Last year I participated in Art Fight to learn more about the event and see what inspiration I could gather from their system.

As a game with similar intentions to the PaperDemon Art RPG, it made sense to give it a try and see what makes the event so popular amongst artists.

This piece was my favorite one that I made for Art Fight. I drew Keith Chain who is owned by CoolKaius. Since I drew a character registered in the PaperDemon Art RPG, I got to earn rewards in the PDARPG as well.

Willow | The Star

PaperDemon Art RPG weekly prompt #57

 Draw or write your character as a card. Are they more of a regular card from a playing deck? How about a tarot card? What makes them that card?

I rarely participate in a weekly prompt challenge, even though a lot of them are fun. I just don’t have enough time to play my own game these days.

But this prompt I really got excited about and had a ton of fun doing.

The colors are kinda too bright but I dig it a lot.

Sometimes I wish I could take a break from website coding so I could focus on creating art and playing the game.

Cyrus Skyllo

If I recall correctly, I created this character during a livestream in the Amaru discord server that I helped host about creating characters.

I actually have gotten quite attached to this OC and have drawn him in several other illustrations. I’m not totally happy with his clothes so I’ll probably redesign him later.

Minimaid has helped develop this character further by roleplaying him as the investigator in our first Guild Night RP event.

Character Name: Cyrus Skyllo

Character Age: 28

Character Species: Paperdemon

Hair color: Purple

Eye color: grey

Skin color: grey

Wing color: greyish purple/pink


Cyrus likes to be alone. He has trouble connecting with others and often is misunderstood by others in his life. He experienced trauma in childhood, something he doesn’t talk about. So he’s often very cautious around other people because he finds it hard to trust him. He likes to spend a lot of time researching and gathering information before taking on a task. The more prepared he can be, the more comfortable he is. If he doesn’t have enough information, he can get really agitated or fearful and run away from the situation.

It is unknown which portal is his homeworld. But maybe one day he’ll feel comfortable opening up to others about it.

Willow and Jerle investigate the Rootways

Art was created for the Decra Drain Art RPG challenge.

Jerle and Willow rappel down to investigate the rootways underneath the city. They discover a portal underneath the city is draining power away from Aridin’s orbs. Adrian, the Black Bandit is nearby and Willow suspects he’s behind all this given how suspicious he looks. But Adrian is just there to investigate the situation too.

Thank you Minimaid Minimaid for lending me your character Adrian!

Prompt #3 – Rootways

You trace the energy drain to its source– somewhere down in the city below. The roads themselves feel rich with energy, and you discover that the power has sunk beneath the surface of the city down into the roots below. To your surprise, you discover intricate, recently grown tunnels of roots that stretch under the city in a complex labyrinth. Who has built them? Why? How are they taking the orb’s power? Draw or write about your character investigating the root tunnels below the city. Your piece must include your character and either the root tunnels or those responsible for them.

Traveling Merchant

Here’s a new NPC I’ve created for the PaperDemon Art RPG. Her name is Keziah Amin. I still need to flesh out her personality. I have some basic traits written down but she’ll probably get more fleshed out through role play in some upcoming PDARPG events.

We’re going to introduce a new traveling merchant mechanic on the site soon where you can get discounts on some featured items for a limited time.