I don’t record much music these days but here’s some work I did years back. Most of these are piano arrangements of video game music. Some of my music is also up on OCRemix.

Eerie Terrestrial

Super Metroid > Title Screen, Kraid, Main theme

June 18, 2007

Length 5:00

This is a small medley of Metroid songs. It’s based partly on a Super Smash Bros. Metroid medley.

18 Minute Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past > Title Screen, Prologue, Zelda’s Lulaby, Dark World Dungeon, Hyrule Castle, Light World Dungeon, Dark World Overworld, Triforce Chamber, Epilogue, Roll Credits

April 11, 2007

Length: 17:42

This almost eighteen minute medley contains a variety of songs from Zelda 3. This Zelda was the first I had ever played. There are some influences from later games in this arrangement. For instance, the Hyrule Castle theme is more like the arrangement that exists in The Wind Waker, rather than the original in Zelda 3. I hope you enjoy this lengthy medley.

En Route to Evil

Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8 > J-E-N-O-V-A, The Extreme

April 11, 2007

A blend of two battle songs from the Final Fantasy series. The Extreme is one of the few piano songs that I did not learn by ear. It was learned from sheets.

Magi Homeland

Chrono Trigger > Zeal

March 4, 2007

This is one of my favorite songs from Chrono Trigger and there are a ton of remixes of this tune available on OC Remix. Zeal is one of my favorite places in the Chrono Trigger game. I thought the environment designs were really neat. I hope you enjoy my piano rendition of Zeal. Recorded with Reason Pianos!

Illation of Time

Chrono Trigger > To Far Away Times

September 10, 2006

I was inspired to make this piano arrangement after hearing Jill and Reuban’s
remix “The Place We Knew” which is also an arrangement of the ending theme to Chrono
Trigger. “The Place We Knew” is a part of the beautifully arranged Chrono Symphonic project and is my favorite song from the soundtrack.

I think this is the best sounding piano piece I’ve ever posted. Not just because I used Reason Pianos but because I really played it with a lot of expression. As with the Beyond Midgar piece, this one is all about the velocities. I really hope you enjoy this one.

Length 3:58

Oh Joyous Hyrule

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > Ending theme

September 10, 2006

A long time ago before I started taking piano lessons I learned the melody of
this song by ear. It was one of my favorite songs from the Zelda 3 game. After I started taking lessons I didn’t really play the song any more. A fan requested that I learn this song so I sat down and took the time to relearn the song in it’s entirety. Here it is for your listening pleasure, Oh Joyous Hyrule!

Surviving Together Piano

Original Composition

August 22, 2006

A while back I composed a main theme for Surviving Together. There’s also a pop-like version complete with vocals (or at least it’s my poor attempt at pop music haha) but I need to dig around for it and post it here. Anyway, this is just a solo piano version of the same song but non-pop like.

Gale Of Ages

Chrono Trigger > Wind Scene (600 AD Overworld)

September 12, 2005

I don’t have much to say about this one. Enjoy!

Beyond Midgar

Final Fantasy VII > Main Theme (Overworld Theme)

June 2005

I first learned this song, the Final Fantasy 7 overworld theme, several years
ago by ear but I didn’t reference the original to learn it. Then within recent
months, I used my iPod to relearn it again by ear because I knew my version needed to be fixed. So now, for your listening pleasure, is my own interpretation of the FF7 overworld theme for piano. This song is also posted on OC Remix.

Dancing With The Wind

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker > Title Screen/Credits, Out At Sea, Zelda’s Lulaby, Ariel’s Theme, Kakariko Village

December 11, 2004

Normally when I play this song there’s more to it but I had to keep it short if I ever want to submit this to OC Remix. I plan to submit as soon as I can get a better piano sound font. All songs in this medley were learned by ear and are an original arrangement.

Wandering In The Dark World

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > Dark World Overworld Theme

December 11, 2004

This is a really fun song to play because it has such cool chords and I’ve given it a cool rhythm. I really love the music from Zelda. I don’t know how they made such great music for just plain ol’ Super Nintendo games. Like most of the songs I’ve learned, this one was learned by ear, not through sheet music.

Final Fantasy Medley

Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII

Rydia’s Theme, Terra’s Theme, Aeris’s Theme, Vincent’s Theme, FFVII Main Theme, Eyes On Me

September 22, 2004

There are a few songs in there that I had actually learned several years ago when my playing by ear skills weren’t as good. The chords may not be entirely correct when compared to the originals but they still sound good and in harmony. Someday I may go back to those songs to revise but I’m not really interested in doing it any time soon.

Final Fantasy Meditation

Final Fantasy VII > Prelude (Crystal) Theme

September 19, 2004

This was one of the first Final Fantasy songs I ever learned to play. It’s so much fun to play because it’s full of arpeggios. This is my arrangement of it. It’s very different I think from the original. I learned this song through ear and by sheet music.

Into the Golden Sunset

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > Roll Credits, Main Theme

May 22, 2004

This is a rearrangment of the song that plays during the credits in The Legend of Zelda III: A Link to the Past when you see the triforce rotating endlessly. Just in case you aren’t familiar with this song, it has the main Zelda theme for the second half of it. This song is also posted on OC Remix.