Wedding – Bottle Centerpieces

I came across this neat little Japanese store that was selling these awesome glass corked bottles. I thought they were an exact match to the Zelda potion bottles so I bought a few to use for centerpieces. These perhaps are not the most creative of my centerpieces, but they were very quick to make.

I created one for red potion, blue potion, green potion, and Lon Lon milk. I thought it might be too hard to prepare and transport colored liquid to the venue so I decided it might be easier if I just fill the bottles with colored stones. I saw an ad in Michael’s that glass stones were on sale for 99 cents a bag. I bought two red, two blue, and two green ($6 total for the stones) and each glass bottle was about $2. Plus $1.25 for a remnant fabric and I spent a total of about $13 for this centerpiece.

For the milk bottles, I designed a label in photoshop and printed it on some thicker paper. I attached the paper to the glass bottles using liquitex gel medium (thanks for the tip Mike Dutton!). I also bought a few small hay bales at a craft store to help complete the farm look.

red potion, blue potion, lon lon milk


Wedding – Favors part 2

favors with escort card

In my last post about wedding favors, I mentioned I purchased a set of small clear bottles to use as potion bottle favors.

Like the favor, it was also tricky finding reasonably priced candy that would fit within the slim neck of the bottle. What I did find was these candies called Newblers. They are very similar in taste to Nerds and can be purchased in bulk in a variety of different colors. In order to save on cost, I only filled the bottles about 2/3 of the way, which was plenty of candy. I used about 8 lbs for every 30 bottles. It ended up costing about $1.60 per favor for the candy.

I had heard of a cute idea that you can combine your favors and your escort cards. I thought this sounded like a really nifty idea so I decided the favors would each be a different colored candy that matches the table’s napkin color. There’s also an escort card on the bottle with the guest’s name and an icon of their table’s centerpiece so they know which table is theirs.

These colored potion bottles fit right into our Legend of Zelda theme!

multicolored favors