Cyrus Skyllo

If I recall correctly, I created this character during a livestream in the Amaru discord server that I helped host about creating characters.

I actually have gotten quite attached to this OC and have drawn him in several other illustrations. I’m not totally happy with his clothes so I’ll probably redesign him later.

Minimaid has helped develop this character further by roleplaying him as the investigator in our first Guild Night RP event.

Character Name: Cyrus Skyllo

Character Age: 28

Character Species: Paperdemon

Hair color: Purple

Eye color: grey

Skin color: grey

Wing color: greyish purple/pink


Cyrus likes to be alone. He has trouble connecting with others and often is misunderstood by others in his life. He experienced trauma in childhood, something he doesn’t talk about. So he’s often very cautious around other people because he finds it hard to trust him. He likes to spend a lot of time researching and gathering information before taking on a task. The more prepared he can be, the more comfortable he is. If he doesn’t have enough information, he can get really agitated or fearful and run away from the situation.

It is unknown which portal is his homeworld. But maybe one day he’ll feel comfortable opening up to others about it.