Willow and Jerle investigate the Rootways

Art was created for the Decra Drain Art RPG challenge.

Jerle and Willow rappel down to investigate the rootways underneath the city. They discover a portal underneath the city is draining power away from Aridin’s orbs. Adrian, the Black Bandit is nearby and Willow suspects he’s behind all this given how suspicious he looks. But Adrian is just there to investigate the situation too.

Thank you Minimaid Minimaid for lending me your character Adrian!

Prompt #3 – Rootways

You trace the energy drain to its source– somewhere down in the city below. The roads themselves feel rich with energy, and you discover that the power has sunk beneath the surface of the city down into the roots below. To your surprise, you discover intricate, recently grown tunnels of roots that stretch under the city in a complex labyrinth. Who has built them? Why? How are they taking the orb’s power? Draw or write about your character investigating the root tunnels below the city. Your piece must include your character and either the root tunnels or those responsible for them.