Lots of new members here!

Over the past week we’ve had a lot of new sign ups on PaperDemon lately thanks to several prominent artists on DeviantArt. A lot of members there are getting frustrated with the rules and the moderator staff. Many people have posted on their journal entries that they are moving to PD or at least trying it out. It’s unfortunate to see things being handled so poorly over there at DA but at the same time I’m glad people are coming here to check us out.

The boom in sign ups has been significant. On average, we usually get around 1.5 sign ups a day. On Friday of last week we had over 100 sign ups. Since then we’ve had around 20 – 50 sign ups per day. I’ve been very busy helping out the moderating staff with the influx of submissions and its been quite difficult handling it all. I haven’t had any time for development for the past week.

I’ve also had a lot of interest from people in signing up for premium accounts. I’m sorry that they aren’t ready for purchase yet but I’ll push that up my priority list. Hopefully I’ll have more time after things cool down a little to work on finishing up the features.

I’m so happy things are so busy here though. It’s great to see our little community flourishing.


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