Wig modification

Someone recently asked me about my Link wig so I thought I’d post some details. Basically I bought a wig and made some simple modifications to it. This entry will explain the details…

The wig I use is a Mona Lisa Collection wig. I don’t know which model it is (the tag doesn’t say), but you can probably find it online somewhere. I happened to come across it at a kiosk at a local mall. I think I paid around $30 USD for it. The wig works great. It has a nice color and a somewhat realistic hair texture. It doesn’t look like those cheap wigs that are really shiny.

The only thing it was missing was the side burn hair that Link has that dangles on the sides. I was able to add this myself in a few easy simple steps. For this, you’ll need some scrap cotton like fabric such as muslin, thread (any color), a sewing machine, your wig, and another wig to cut hair from.

You’ll need another wig of a similar color with long hair that you are willing to cut pieces from. I happened to have a wig that I was using for spare hair already. It is a much cheaper wig that I paid about $20 for and has much longer hair on it.

Next you’ll need to cut a chunk of the hair from your spare parts wig. Be sure that it is a few inches longer than you want it to hang. The reason for this is you’ll be folding the hair over to make the hair less likely to come out of the stitches.

Then, lay down the hair on a strip of muslin or similar fabric with an inch or so hanging off of the strip. It doesn’t matter a whole lot what color the fabric is because it wont be visible.


Then set your sewing machine to a strait stitch at the smallest stitch setting. Then just start stitching back and forth like crazy. You’ll need to go over the area several times to make sure the hair doesn’t come loose.



Once you do that, fold the fabric in half so that the other end of the hair is pointing down. Now stitch some more with your sewing machine. Doing this helps to keep the hair from coming out. Trim some of the excess hair from the folded end.



Once you’ve got your strip, you can sew it to your wig. Just hand sew it into place where you want it. The black thread is from the sewing machine. You can see how much I stitched back and forth. The red at the bottom is where I attached the strip to the wig.


You’ll likely want to trim the hair to give it a more natural edge. Don’t just go strait across. Give it some layering.

And that’s all there is to it! Now you can look smexy just like Link.


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