Ike Costume – finished jacket pattern, gloves, belt

The prototype for Ike’s jacket is complete. I’ve made it into pattern pieces and laid it out on my fabric for cutting. I’ve already cut the pieces but it’s not shown here. I only have a week left to actually put it together. I hope I can do it!

From Cosplay Ike, the Making Of

The main belt is done. My photos show part of the process. The belt took about a total of 3 hours to make.

From Cosplay Ike, the Making Of

I started working on a prototype for the gloves last night and it went very well. It took about an hour and a half to do while watching tv and stuff. I have some photos of the prototype:

From Cosplay Ike, the Making Of

 I will probably start sewing the jacket tonight or tomorrow. No more tv for me from now until Halloween! I have a lot still left to do.


Status of major items that I must have done:


wig – 50%

I have the wig. I just need to style it

green head band – 0%

This will only take an hour to make.

cape – 100%

Did this in a couple hours

blue jacket – 45%

The prototype is complete but now I need to make the final piece. It has a lot of trim so it will take some time to make.

gloves – 20%

Prototype is done. Need to cut final fabric and sew.

main belt – 99%

Just need to cut the holes for the buckle to go through but I don’t want to do that until Mike is in the costume.

pants – 90%

Pants are mostly done. But they’re fitting a little loose so I’ll probably bring them in a bit.

sword – 100%

bought from party store



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