Wow I haven’t posted a blog entry in a while. Damnit! Things have been crazy busy.

Work is great. I’m perkier than usual. I’m enjoying making some of the tools at work. Things are going pretty well there.

And lately when I’m not working at my job, I’m working on our new PaperDemonMedia show. We’ve got the script for the first episode done and have started character designs as well as some voicing. I’m not sure yet whether I should share the designs. I will discuss with the other PDM staff members and if they say its cool I’ll post some of my work.

We’ve got a good flow going right now. We are meeting every week to brainstorm and work on the show. I’m happy to see so much collaberation. However, I still feel that a lot of the burden of work is resting on my shoulders. I’m doing all of the art and animation as well as organizing things. It’s a lot of work but I enjoy being in charge I guess. Though its tough when we get together and then get off topic and waste time. But we are having a lot of fun working on the show.

I have yet to blog about how my Halloween costume came out… So it came out pretty well as you can see from my photos in my Link Photo album. I enjoyed walking around that day and having people recognize who I was. I was in the grocery store and a few people said "Woah, it’s Link!" and I was holding in my excitement. Everyone at work was blown away by my costume as well. I’m not satisfied by my photos though. I don’t have any that really look that good other than the glamore shot but that doesn’t show all the cool detail I put into the costume. The angles are either boring, unflatering to my figure, or don’t show the cool features of the costume. Damnit. I will need to do more photos when I get the costume closer to completion.

The costume still has a ways to go. The ears were missing because I didn’t have any liquid latex that was usable to use to attach the ears. I forgot to buy a new bottle. Silly me. Also the shield broke during the day. Someone helped me fix it though with telephone wire haha. It’s just a temporary fix though. I still need to start the chain mail. I also need a better sword. I also want to do a significant amount of work on the boots. The wig needs work as well. Hopefully I’ll have it all done in time for Fanime. I’m taking a break from it all right now but I’ll get back into it in a couple months or so.

¬†Anyway, that is my update for now. I’m going to be taking a rather long holiday break. Something like 2 and a half weeks long to work on my art, PD, and the new PDM show. I’m looking forward to it!


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