Work work work

Work’s been really busy ever since I got back from my winter vacation. I’ve had little time to work on the new Anime Spoof show and PaperDemon.

But tonight and last night I found some time to work on my projects. The poll system got some love last night. I’m close to having this ready for premium accounts.

I want to start selling the premium accounts by the end of the month, whether the features are completely ready or not. I’ve been meaning to sell those things for over two years now and I keep telling myself, "let me finish one more feature…" but the thing is I can’t keep doing that. I will never be satisfied and I’ll never end up selling any premium accounts.

So I will sell them, working or not (though most things are working just fine). The polls is probably the only thing that might have some problems.

On Monday something really amazing happened to me. I was privilaged enough to have my artwork seen by millions of people around the world. I wont divulge any details other than that.

Anyway, I’m really tired. I worked all last weekend on a drawing and worked really hard all this week. This weekend is the first break I’ve had in 11 days. And then on Monday night I’m leaving for… Disneyland! Google is treating its employees to a trip to Disneyland for a company offsite. We get the park all to ourselves in the evening. It should be good fun. I can’t wait to ride space mountain. I can’t believe how spoiled I am.

While I’m on the plane and in the evenings I intend to catch up on some drawing. Hopefully when I come back from my trip I’ll have some nice art to post here.


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