Happy Halloween! Ike complete

Mike’s costume is done and looked great!

From Halloween 2008 Ike, Link

I had to work late on Wednesday night so I had less time to spend on Mike’s costume. On Thursday evening Mike tried on his costume and we realized that we could do without the pauldron+chest piece so we’ll save that for another time. Also we did not do the black boot covers. Since we decided to not do those pieces, I had a chance to do some changes to my costume. I made a new set of pants that are stretchy and more slim fitting and fixed my chainmail that broke at AX. Pants are still a little loose but I can bring in the seams more.

And we looked mighty fine!

From Halloween 2008 Ike, Link

 I think I’m going to retire my TP Link costume for a year or two. The next costume I make is going to be simple and comfortable.


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