Costume status, Belts and Pants

Halloween is just a little over a week away but I’m feeling very confident that my costume will be ready in time. Here’s the status of all the components. I set more realistic goals for having this done for Halloween. But after Halloween is over I intend to work on the costume more to add additional details and modifications.

Goals Percent completed for Halloween as of Oct 22
Tunic – 83%

I still have to finish the trim, add the laces on the sides, and add the laces on the front chest near the neck opening.

Hat – 100%
Undershirt – 100%
Pants – 100%
Waist Belt – 99%

Just need to cut a hole for the buckle to go through.

Chest Belt – 90%

Need to create the shoulder pad, add the button, and cut a hole for the buckle to go through.

Wig – 0?

i haven’t yet modified it. in its current state it is ok to wear for halloween but I’d like to style it if i have time

Shield – 0%

I got a shield for my birthday. I need to just make a new strap for it because the one it comes with is crap. This will only take me a couple hours to make. I was hoping to be able to attach it to my back as Link does when he doesn’t have his weapons out. But its too heavy and I’d have no way to securely support it.

Sword – 0%?

I haven’t given the sword much thought. I’m probably not even going to touch it. I modified a plastic sword a few years back to look like the Master Sword but it doesn’t look too much like it. I’ll probably need to make some little strips of fabric to hold thescabbard to the chest belt.

Gloves – 100%
Boots – 100%

I’m using the boots in their original form without modifying them.

Goals Percent complete of what I ultimately want
Tunic – 73%

I’d like to redo the trim on the front of the tunic if possible. But it may not happen. This was the toughest part of the tunic to do.

Hat – 95%

There’s a detail near the tip of the hat of a seam. I decided it was a detail I could live without for now and will add later. Also there’s a seem from the trim showing at the bottom of the hat. no one will see it so its low priority.

Undershirt – 100%
Pants – 90%

Still need to hem the pants and get/make a better draw string. these are things that will be covered up by the tunic and boots so its low priority.

Waist Belt – 95%
Chest Belt – 90%
Wig – 0%

I have the wig but have not yet styled it. i’d like to add extensions on the sides and do some trimming and styling.

Shield and Sword

The Shield I have is decent but the paint job isn’t too great. I’d actually eventually like to make my own shield and sword but I don’t have the tools nor the knowledge to make them so I’m not sure what to do.

Chainmail – 0%

This is the biggest thing I have left to work on after Halloween. I didn’t even bother to attempt to have it done for Halloween and I’m glad I didn’t because everything else is taking up all of my time. There’s no way I could have fit in working on chainmail.

Gloves – 60%?

I may want to redo the gloves completely but I’m not sure yet.

I need to buy some blue hoop earings. I’d also like to get some better latex elf ears.
Boots – 0%

I want to make major modifications to the boots. I basically want to build a new casing to go ontop of the existing boot material.

I’ve posted a lot of photos that show how I made the belts. They have short descriptions already. I will probably create more detailed instructions at a later time.


The undershirt I did not create from scratch. Instead I went online to try and find a shirt similar to what I needed and then modify it. I found a great shirt at It’s Mossimo Supply Co.’s Junior Long Sleeve Turtle Neck shirt. I bought a size Large but I wish I had went up another size because the sleeves are a tad too tight. But it still fits. Anyway, I added interfacing to the neck and chest, cut a slit, trimmed a couple inches off of the turtle neck, sewed the edges, and then just added eyelets/gromits. I did all of it in an afternoon.


For the pants, I purchased a pattern from the fabric store. The pattern is Simplicity 7092. I created Pattern A without the pockets. The fabric I used is "Aged Muslin."

It claims that its a 1 Hour pattern but it took me much longer than an hour to make. It takes an hour just to lay out the fabric, cut the pattern pieces, and cut the fabric. But it still goes pretty quick compared to some of the other stuff needed for this costume. To give you an idea, it took me two evenings to make it. Also, the pattern as is will result in very baggy pants. I brought the seams in a lot to make them look more fitted as Link’s pants are. Just follow the directions and then try the pants on. if they’re too baggy you can bring them in. Be sure to pin where you want the new seam to be and try it on before sewing. Make sure you have enough room to bend your knees and sit down and move around before you sew the final stitch.

More to come! It’s possible I may not post another blog until after Halloween because I’m going to be spending every spare moment finishing up the tunic. But I’ll try my best to make another entry this coming Sunday.



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