Victim of Vundo

Unfortunately, my laptop got infected with one of the nastiest trojans to surface on the interwebs… the Vundo Trojan.

My boyfriend, Mike, managed to clean off the virus finally but it left windows a little bit messed up. So he thought he’d try doing a “reload” of windows. This is where you install Windows on top of itself rather than reformating the drive and doing a clean install of windows.

Why I hate Microsoft and Fujitsu right now…

My laptop runs Windows XP Tablet edition and Fujitsu gave me a “recovery disc” instead of a real version of Windows. These recovery discs cannot do repair installs of WIndows. They can only format the drive and do a clean install. So I called Fujitsu and asked them if they could send me a Windows XP Tablet edition cd and they said they can’t send that to me and they don’t manufacture it. I contacted Microsoft and they just told me to contact Fujitsu. You can’t just go into a store and buy XP Tablet OEM. And even if you could, I don’t want to buy a copy with a product key. I just want the disc! I have a fully paid registered version of Windows! But I don’t have the software disc!

Speaking as a consumer, I’m very frustrated that Microsoft and these computer manufacturers are no longer providing us with a full version of Windows. My computer is clean from viruses but windows is just a bit funky. And Fujitsu’s answer is to do wipe my drive and start over?!

If it was regular Windows XP, I could just borrow an OEM Windows disc from someone else to do the repair install. But since its Tablet edition, I’m at Fujitsu’s mercy. STOOPID!

And Fujitsu tells me that they can do a clean install and recover all of my data. Yeah but my applications won’t be there. Have you ever had to deal with Adobe’s freakin’ DRM?! Even if you change a part in your computer it goes crazy and you have to call Adobe to reactivate your copy of their software. You waste a lot of time setting up a new machine, whether or not your “data” is recovered. Not to mention the stupid crap I’d have to deal with for authorizing iTunes to play my purchased music!

At this point, Mike was able to fix windows with WinsockXPFix and LSPFix. I wont know if my computer is “well” yet until I start using it again. Here’s hoping I don’t need that disc afterall!


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