Ike Costume – prototyping

Mike’s Ike costume is going well though I’m a bit behind schedule. The prototype for the jacket is done and I’m ready to start cutting the final pieces for it. We went through several phases of fitting. The only thing that I really had trouble with was the collar. It wasn’t until the third try that I got the right idea for how to do it. Mike’s a little confused by the whole thing. He’s wondering why his jacket is white instead of blue. I keep having to explain that its a prototype, lol.

Ike Costume status:


wig – 50%

I have the wig. I just need to style it

green head band – 0%

cape – 100%

Did this in a couple hours

From Cosplay Ike, the Making Of

blue jacket – 40%

The prototype is complete but now I need to make the final piece. It has a lot of trim so it will take some time to make.

From Cosplay Ike, the Making Of

gloves – 0%
red skirt –

I intend to cut up my old Red Link costume to be used for the skirt. Or might not cut it up at all and Mike can just wear it underneath his jacket.

pauldron, chest piece – 5%

I created the patterns for the pauldron and chest leather piece. Both pieces will be made out of craft foam and the belt will be made out of fabric similar to my TP Link costume

main belt – 0%

This piece won’t take long to make

sword belt – 0%

This piece won’t take long to make either

pants – 90%

Pants are mostly done. But they’re fitting a little loose so I’ll probably bring them in a bit.

boots – 0%

These involve a few pieces. Brown boots with black legging pieces and metal tips. I haven’t found brown boots yet. If I can’t find any, then I wont make the boot leggings/tips and he can just wear my black knee high boots

sword – 100%

Found a sword that looks almost exactly like Ike’s from the party store

From Cosplay Ike, the Making Of


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