Wedding – Are we cosplaying?

The very first thing everyone asks me when I tell them I’m planning a Zelda themed wedding is “So are you going to dress up like Link, or Zelda?”

Well, actually, neither! We are not cosplaying for our wedding (though the thought did cross our minds). Cosplaying would not make sense because:

  • Really, who would I be? I’m known for crosplaying as Link, who’s a guy. It just wouldn’t work.
  • Every one’s already seen my Link costume. What I look like should be a surprise!
  • It would symbolize the union of Link and Zelda, not the union of Mike and I.

So if we’re not cosplaying, then how the hell is it a Zelda wedding? All elements of the wedding from the invitation, to the decorations, to the music, to even my dress will be inspired by the wonderful art style of Wind Waker.

The main way we are expressing this Zelda theme is through the dining table centerpieces. Each table will have a wonderfully decorated centerpiece that looks like one of Link’s items from the game. The bomb, bow and arrow, boomerang, ice rod, fire rod, lens of truth, slingshot, and more will be there. I’ll be doing a blog post to highlight each centerpiece in the coming weeks.

…and, well, how would one find a Wind Waker styled wedding dress? Hehehe, sometimes, you just have to make it yourself.