Maintaining progress

For those interested, there’s a new piano arrangement available in the Music section called Magi Homeland. Be sure to check it out. I’ll have more music posted soon within the coming weeks.

So at work we do these things called Snippets every week. It’s just basically a list you email out on Mondays showing what you accomplished last week and what’s on your plate for this week.

I like doing these snippets so much that now I maintain a personal active snippets page for keeping track of all of my personal projects such as, Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater, and Surviving Together.

I’m working a second internship full time at Google again. And I convert to a permanent employee as soon as I have my degree, which will be sometime in May. It’s pretty sweet to have a job lined up for you right after finishing college.

But back to the snippets thing, I’ve tried so many different types of strategies to keep track of my work. I’ve tried planning things out on a calendar. That didn’t work because I didn’t like being held to a set schedule. I’d rather work on the projects I feel like working on when I want to. With the snippets thing, I can work on whatever I want to from my To Do list. I still have the flexibility to work with my moods but still get things done. I think this strategy will be the one that sticks.

I’ve started working on Surviving Together again. LavenderGoddessV has just finished posting a revamped version of part one of this awesome fan-fiction trilogy. I will be working from this new version to create my animated rendition of it. This means I’m back to square one on a lot of the project but that’s ok. I’m totally fine with starting over. I love the new version much better anyway. So I’m working on adapting the fanfiction to a screen play. I’ve already completed chapter 1, which wasn’t too hard. But other chapters will be more of a challenge because there are parts where the characters are describing key events in the past tense which means I’ll need to write dialog and other stuff to make all the events happen in present time.

I’ve finally gotten around to programming one of those images with numbers thingies that prevents spam. I’ll implement it soon on my blog so that I can reopen the comments feature. Look for that in the coming weeks.


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