First off, a couple updates
New music in the music section:
:music: 18 Minute Zelda – Zelda: A Link to the Past
:music: En Route To Evil – Final Fantasy 7, 8

And that new PaperDemon illustration is complete but I’m not going to publish it until the new PD template debuts.

Onto my blog post…
I’ll warn you first, I’m about to tell you a very ridiculous story.

Back in the days of AOL 3.1 when I was like 13 and had AOL as my internet service provider, AOL had recently introduced their Hometown AOL service where members had a couple megs of storage for a personal website. There was this one person, can’t remember his alias but we’ll call him Craig for now, who had a Vegeta shrine web page that I thought was pretty snazzy. His web page was auto-playing a midi file of a song I had never heard of but I assumed it was a Dragon Ball Z song. I thought the song was really cool and I forever associated it with Vegeta because of the context I had first heard it in. I loved the song so much that I decided to email Craig and ask him to email me the MIDI. He was quite rude about it and refused to send it to me. Being the smart ass annoying person that I was on the Internet at age 13, I replied and said that he should just give it to me because he didn’t compose it anyway. The rights to it belong to the creators of Dragon Ball Z. He replied saying that it wasn’t from DBZ but is instead from a Mega Man game.

I was just starting to learn some HTML at the time and decided to see if I could figure out a way to extract the MIDI file from the webpage. Sure enough, I viewed the source, found the file name, and typed the direct location of the file in my browser and was able to save the midi to my computer. I saved the file name as hahaha.mid. 😛

Some years later I wanted to try and get an MP3 file of the song since MIDIs tend to sound so crappy. I could not for the life of me find any Megaman song that sounded anything like hahaha.mid and eventually gave up on ever finding it. Then one day as I was flipping through channels on the television, I heard hahaha.mid playing on Dancing with the Stars as two contestants were leaving the stage. I realized the song must not have been a Megaman song. More recently I had heard it in a football commercial. If I could only figure out the title of the song I could track down the MP3.

And then it finally happened.

Yesterday I was searching around YouTube and came across an AMV (Anime Music Video) of Dragon Ball Z that was playing hahaha.mid and credited the song as The Final Countdown by Europe. FINALLY I had the answers I was looking for for YEARS! And I immediately went onto iTunes to purchase the song.

It’s funny how this whole thing started and ended with Dragon Ball Z. The source of all knowledge truly is Dragon Ball Z. Things really came full circle.


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